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April 2016.

I was trying to imitate a cool brand logo but it was a rectangular shape and I couldn’t make it look the same as a square. The proportions were all wrong and I really disliked the sizes of the rectangles so I stuck a very simple design. Solid color, big bold font, and a short underlining straight shape. I also liked the small font in the bottom centre that these logos have these days.


Pro Jungle Album Cover

Pro Jungle Album-01.png

April 2016.

Inspired by another 4-shaded color tone shape-shifting design I saw in a brand magazine. It wasn’t the same as the original and doesn’t really use the same colors (I added a 5th color) or widths of the chunks, but I preferred more colors and more variety in them. After I created the color scheme and alignments, I decided to make it look like an album cover because it seemed practical and ambiguous enough to be. I’m using the same font for my latest work because I really enjoy the urban trendy caps fresh look from them. Just some designs I’m practicing and experimenting with!

EParisL Make-Up Brand Logo

EParisl Brand Logo.png

March 2016.

Wow Judy, I am impressed! Haha, I am talking to myself in the third person because I am impressed with my own work! I took the idea from my Dino Media business card design because I love the half paper triangle looks and I like dark blue and deep teal green together. I wanted to try a new make up brand with these geometric shapes and the clean cut typography I’ve been using and viola! Here is one! I love paris so I chose to put the word “Paris” in there by also starting it off with an “E” because it always is more fancy and I wanted to end it with a more neutral letter. Wow I love this one! Go me 🙂

The & sign didn’t work with the original font so I had to go through a bunch and lower the opacity and make it large to make it look like it’s faded but still a big part of the design and name.

JYK Scholars Mentorship

mentorship pink logo

March 2016.

Just another pseudo design for a JYK Scholars Mentorship! I wanted to use different pink tones and pastel colors that worked well together, and also see what kinds of fonts looked good together in terms of size, style, and caps. I wanted to also try making geometric shapes through lines and tho this isn’t my finest piece, I’m still just practicing and seeing what I can do. It’s fun to just learn different details about lines, making quick duplicates of one vector with a shortcut, and learning the power of order in layers. I like the simple lines and colors here but I definitely like more variety too.

Candy Cane Chic

Candy Cane Logo1-01.png

March 2016.

A new thing I am trying out! I’ve been inspired to make more logos because of my own brand but also because I’ve had to try designing for Dino Media and Look at Ju and in the future I need to design for a family friend’s shampoo company. I am looking through this amazing graphics book that covers light-toned graphics and it is A-MAY-JING. I am constantly challenged with their graphics and the amazing work they have. Ugh can you say talented? Anyway, I took this 2-tone blue and yellow thing from a card I saw and used this awesome new font I just got a day ago! And I played with different pastel pop colors to make it appealing and tasty. I just made up the name Candy Cane Chic haha. I liked how the C’s looked so I kept them all in alliteration. It wasn’t as great as I imagined but hey, it’s something! And practice will make me better and better! 🙂

Look at Ju Watermark Logo

Pink Look at Ju Logo-01.png

March 2016.

My first logo for a friend! It’s super simple because we had a deadline to meet for a fashion lookbook video! It was inspired by the simple urban looks these days as well as Refinery29 logo that they use at the bottom of their videos. It was supposed to be clear on the inside like an outline for a watermark but that would make it completely invisible so I put a light pink background to make it like a real logo. I hope to make it more legit in the future but for now I think it’s cute and does it’s job in the video :).

Judy Kim Productions Watermark Logo

Judy Kim Video-01.png

March 2016.

My current and final watermark logo that I made for my video productions and photography logo! I looked up what other production company logos looked like and there was one that I really thought was professional and cool so I took very similar elements of it and made it my own! I hope the original people don’t mind :). They shouldn’t because many logos look similar to each other haha. I really like how clean and chic it is! I use just the white as my watermark and it looks super cool to show up in the corner of my productions. Yay.

Simple JK Productions Logo

mint jk productions-01.png

March 2016.

I’ve been working on making more logos and watermarks for my original productions, but it’s been hard. I know practice makes perfect so I am just posting my various work no matter how good or bad they seem. I like this font and I like the mint color and simple icon. I tried using it on a video watermark but looked too plain so I tried other designs. More coming!

Dino Media Business Card


March 2016.

I made this business card template for Dino Media because I thought I was going to be able to change the main side of the card with my design. However, they are keeping the original side and I got to design the side with all my contact info and everything. Either way, this was my first attempt to make something look more urban and trendy as my own work. I went to many fonts to choose a caps clean cut look with the right amount of width and length. Sometimes fonts tend to be too close together or too thick with little width. Either way it was my first design after school ended in December so it took me hours but at least I got somewhere!

Below is the other side with all my contact info, and the one they are printing with the original Dino Media design. I am somewhat happy but I don’t entirely look it because it needed to have both Korean and English and looks super cluttered. I also didn’t have much time to spend because they only gave me 1 day to work on it to be sent and printed. However, I am glad I got to design it and not have the ugly ones!


Korean Conformity 증명 Photos

December 2015.

I wanted to do a statement on how much the society in Korea looks for the perfect candidate and yet they don’t see how broken a person could be behind their photos.  It’s quite common that companies look at a resume with a photo and decide whether you are fit for their company, apparently they can “see the character of a person” with just a photo. However, I wanted to show how much goes on inside a person’s mind and heart aside from a photo. Many people carry emotional wounds in this land and cannot talk about it.

This is a social statement on how oppressive it can be and even how the work culture makes women work in more submissive ways. Women also get paid less than their male counterparts in Korea. I was actually shocked when I saw the statistics on this.

All photos edited by Judy Kim.

Now Hiring- Korean Work Culture for Women

now hiring-02

December 2015.

Need I say more?

I find that in Koran society women are subtly oppressed by the system. I didn’t really recognize it until I started talking to friends who have been here all their lives or are mostly native Korean but lived abroad for a few years, noticing the strong cultural stigmas and social norms of this country.

In terms of work, I found out that statistically, all women are paid less than their male counterparts for the same job and same hours. I really didn’t expect that from Korean society, but the more I learn about it, I do see the ways women are oppressed.

Also in the workforce, women are expected to be submissive, quiet, and obedient, hiding all their emotions and thoughts. It may sound extreme to the average American, but if y ou take a look into the culture and daily habits at work, it is very clear. You are to be clean cut, professional, service-oriented, submissive, and obedient. Though each industry may look a little different, it is clear that it is a patriarchal society that allows men to dominate in leadership roles, family roles, and work roles. It’s very complicated here in Korea and this is just scratching the tip of the iceberg, but I did want to make a social statement on this piece.


now hiring-01

Speak Life Pamphlet

Speak Life page 2

Speak Life1

December 2015.

For my design class and campaign, we had to come up with promotional items to present our message and ideas. I ended up doing a pamphlet bringing awareness to the statistics of verbal abuse in Korea and how to combat its effects by encouraging and speaking life to others. This was made on a PSD file and I made everything through Photoshop.

After I made them, edited them, printed them, and folded them, it was ready for my campaign day! It was really effective as I was able to explain facts about cognitive growth with encouraging words as well as getting the more serious statistics about Korean depression and suicide rates. It was cool to have so many people receptive to these facts and listening to my spiels. I also included a real professional counselling centre for both Koreans and English-speakers living in South Korea to get help if they need. It its still a taboo for Koreans to seek out mental or emotional help, but I think this is a huge step in bringing awareness and solutions to this issue. I was pretty proud of my design skills for this pamphlet, though it took MANY hours and took so much of my designer eye to come up with. I know there’s a lot of room for improvement but for a first-timer I am quite proud of myself. Yay.

Here were the results:

IMG_9466IMG_9318 IMG_9489

Happiness/Emotional Abuse Awareness Poster- Korea

Speak Life Poster A3 Clean-01


December 2015.

I made this poster to use as a gage of what is in the days of normal Korean people, in terms of their happiness and emotional health. I used this during my “Speak Life” campaign and had the participants mark “Yes” or “No” to these questions the bring awareness and an understanding of how these factors play into their everyday lives. The first one is about the relative satisfaction of each individuals lives, to gage the level of happiness. For the 2nd and 3rd, it had to do with emotional aggression and experiences, and if people answered yes it was a sign of verbal or emotional abuse in their lives. The last one was about their self-esteem, which is also significantly affected with verbal or emotional abuse. It was a good way to gage their level of emotional experiences and to see the grassroots levels of experience.

I hope to do more research through these campaigns!


“Hey Beautiful” Sweatshirts

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.28.58 PM

December 2015.

I made this sweatshirt for my “Speak Life” campaign! It was really cool to see my design come to life! I ordered it off of a website where they make screen prints and this site was so good! I loved the quality and softness, and how comfortable this sweatshirt was. I was very shocked because though I needed it for a school design project, when I uploaded it to my Facebook, I got so many supporters and so much interest in buy this sweatshirt as well! It caused me to take people’s orders because so many people wanted them, and I started a small business with my designs and sweatshirts. This is the final product in baby blue.


I was very happy with the results and quality! The only problem was getting sizes for other people because Korean sizes turn out a lot smaller than other countries. This is a Large but the thicker sweaters are smaller, so the sizing gets a little complex when getting orders of this thinner sweatshirt vs. the thicker winter sweatshirts.

You can find them in my Speak Life Shop or my Etsy Store for more information! It is also being sold on my brother’s Korean site called Daily Boom! I will be making more sweatshirts and other products through my campaign designs and other pretty cute DIY inspirations! Here are the examples of light grey ones, as I will most likely be selling these, due to the high level of interest and orders in this color. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.13.49 PM


Subtle Verbal Abuse in Korea


December 2015.

I made this for my “Speak Life” campaign that was to show the dark side of Korean culture and their everyday words. These comments were what I personally experienced multiple times working in a Korean firm, and what others usually hear on a normal basis. Though they seem light on their own, it becomes a mindset and everyday verbal and mental harassment that hurts people’s sense of self and worth and abilities. I wanted to combat this type of verbal abuse by speaking words of life and encouragement and to develop and culture of awareness and change through these designs. These were made into stickers and displayed at my campaign as they were also coupled with the light colored happy encouraging words that were opposite to these comments.


Speak Life Sweatshirt Ideas

Pink-19I believe in you thick-19

December 2015.

I was asked to make T-Shirt designs regarding my “Speak Life” campaign and these were some of my original ideas and designs! It’s very simple, and it was to provide an example of what “speaking life” meant, which was to replace abusive words with life-giving ones such as these. My main shirt campaign ending up being “Hey Beautiful” to remind readers that they are beautiful. It is hard in Korean society at times because there is such a strong beauty standard that many people don’t naturally fit into, and many feel the need to conform. I wanted to combat that mindset by making sweatshirts that said different encouraging life-giving words that many Korean people don’t hear on a normal basis. If anything, they hear the opposite.

Happiness Test- South Korea

December 2015.

For my graphic design class, we were told to make some cards that reinforced our campaign. Since mine was to bring awareness to the unhappiness level in Korea and the detriment of verbal abuse in this country, I decided to make cards that would cause people to rethink about their everyday experiences in Korea. It was a cool concept I put into action, but didn’t actually end up using in my campaign. However, it was fun to get these cards made in English and Korean! I thought it would be effective for the future.


Speak Life

Speak Life-16

November 2015.

For a campaign against abusive words and replacing them with life-giving words!

Love the Unloveable

Love the Unloveable-03

October 2015.

What is unconditional love? To love those who are unloveable. Through the dark and light times. But especially those who you have a hard time loving through their insecurities, hurts, pain, or outlets.. You must choose to love the unlovable. You too, were once unloveable. We are all unloveable at times, but those who choose to love us through the pain and trials are ones who exercise love intentionally. Too many people drop others just based on one disappointment or mistake or failure to meet expectations, but put those aside and trek on forward. Friendships take work, take time, and also is a choice to move through the bad and the ugly onto the good.

We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

Wordpress Logos-02

October 2015.

This is a quote from the movie and book “Perks of Being a Wallflower” which really made me think about what kind of people and things we allow in our lives. I made this because it is very much something I had to reflect on while thinking about my past relationships and had also allowed so much turmoil and emotional abuse in. If somebody treats you like crap continually, you begin to believe it’s what you deserve. And when you think it’s what you deserve you end up accepting it as true and right. Only recently have I realized this and how differentl people have been telling me I don’t deserve some things. So hard to believe, but this quote really made me think.

Ain’t it true?

We Accept -02

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