Speak Life Poster A3 Clean-01


December 2015.

I made this poster to use as a gage of what is in the days of normal Korean people, in terms of their happiness and emotional health. I used this during my “Speak Life” campaign and had the participants mark “Yes” or “No” to these questions the bring awareness and an understanding of how these factors play into their everyday lives. The first one is about the relative satisfaction of each individuals lives, to gage the level of happiness. For the 2nd and 3rd, it had to do with emotional aggression and experiences, and if people answered yes it was a sign of verbal or emotional abuse in their lives. The last one was about their self-esteem, which is also significantly affected with verbal or emotional abuse. It was a good way to gage their level of emotional experiences and to see the grassroots levels of experience.

I hope to do more research through these campaigns!