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December 2015.

I made this sweatshirt for my “Speak Life” campaign! It was really cool to see my design come to life! I ordered it off of a website where they make screen prints and this site was so good! I loved the quality and softness, and how comfortable this sweatshirt was. I was very shocked because though I needed it for a school design project, when I uploaded it to my Facebook, I got so many supporters and so much interest in buy this sweatshirt as well! It caused me to take people’s orders because so many people wanted them, and I started a small business with my designs and sweatshirts. This is the final product in baby blue.


I was very happy with the results and quality! The only problem was getting sizes for other people because Korean sizes turn out a lot smaller than other countries. This is a Large but the thicker sweaters are smaller, so the sizing gets a little complex when getting orders of this thinner sweatshirt vs. the thicker winter sweatshirts.

You can find them in my Speak Life Shop or my Etsy Store for more information! It is also being sold on my brother’s Korean site called Daily Boom! I will be making more sweatshirts and other products through my campaign designs and other pretty cute DIY inspirations! Here are the examples of light grey ones, as I will most likely be selling these, due to the high level of interest and orders in this color. 🙂

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