March 2016.

I made this business card template for Dino Media because I thought I was going to be able to change the main side of the card with my design. However, they are keeping the original side and I got to design the side with all my contact info and everything. Either way, this was my first attempt to make something look more urban and trendy as my own work. I went to many fonts to choose a caps clean cut look with the right amount of width and length. Sometimes fonts tend to be too close together or too thick with little width. Either way it was my first design after school ended in December so it took me hours but at least I got somewhere!

Below is the other side with all my contact info, and the one they are printing with the original Dino Media design. I am somewhat happy but I don’t entirely look it because it needed to have both Korean and English and looks super cluttered. I also didn’t have much time to spend because they only gave me 1 day to work on it to be sent and printed. However, I am glad I got to design it and not have the ugly ones!