Candy Cane Logo1-01.png

March 2016.

A new thing I am trying out! I’ve been inspired to make more logos because of my own brand but also because I’ve had to try designing for Dino Media and Look at Ju and in the future I need to design for a family friend’s shampoo company. I am looking through this amazing graphics book that covers light-toned graphics and it is A-MAY-JING. I am constantly challenged with their graphics and the amazing work they have. Ugh can you say talented? Anyway, I took this 2-tone blue and yellow thing from a card I saw and used this awesome new font I just got a day ago! And I played with different pastel pop colors to make it appealing and tasty. I just made up the name Candy Cane Chic haha. I liked how the C’s looked so I kept them all in alliteration. It wasn’t as great as I imagined but hey, it’s something! And practice will make me better and better! 🙂