EParisl Brand Logo.png

March 2016.

Wow Judy, I am impressed! Haha, I am talking to myself in the third person because I am impressed with my own work! I took the idea from my Dino Media business card design because I love the half paper triangle looks and I like dark blue and deep teal green together. I wanted to try a new make up brand with these geometric shapes and the clean cut typography I’ve been using and viola! Here is one! I love paris so I chose to put the word “Paris” in there by also starting it off with an “E” because it always is more fancy and I wanted to end it with a more neutral letter. Wow I love this one! Go me 🙂

The & sign didn’t work with the original font so I had to go through a bunch and lower the opacity and make it large to make it look like it’s faded but still a big part of the design and name.